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Stan Nieuwenhuis


Biography Stan Nieuwenhuis is a young composer and musician. His roots lay in Holland, but he grew up in Brussels and is living in Antwerp at the moment. Stan started...

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Thomas Baignères


Thomas holds a master’s degree in literature and arts from the University Paris Diderot 7; his memoir focuses on the links between poetry and music. He likes to mix...

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Miriam Odemba

Top model

Miriam Odemba was born in 1983 in Arusha, Tanzania. She is a Tanzanian model and a former Miss Earth Air (2008). She is the first black model to work with Diamant Blanc...

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Angelique Monet

Multi-media artist

Angelique Monét is an American multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina USA. Monét attended St. Augustines College, graduating with a degree in mass...

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