Thomas Baignères


Before starting a solo career, Thomas Baignères sang in the group leSpark, with whom he released a first disc of the same name, then an e-single, directed by Louis Bertignac.

LeSpark also played alongside Rolling Stones' Mick Taylor and Peter Doherty on several occasions.

He is the author of a collection of aphorisms A short (Editions Les Libraires Between The Lines), a collection of poems A step towards the soul (editions of Harmattan), a booklet of Tears Short (The editions behind the bathroom) and publishes regularly in many magazines.

Revelation 2014 of the "International Festival of Poetry", he is also nominated in 2015 at the festival of Gonzague Saint Bris "The Forest of Books", in the category young poetry.


Thomas Baignères

Thomas holds a master’s degree in literature and arts from the University Paris Diderot 7; his memoir focuses on the links between poetry and music. He likes to mix these two disciplines in poetic and musical readings.

Thomas is also the translator of Peter Doherty’s Journal d’Arcadie (published by Editions du Castor Astral).

Before starting a solo carreer, Thomas Baignères was the lead singer of “LeSpark”, a french group which released two records, one of them produced by Louis Bertignac, a member of the “Telephone” french group.


“TheSpark” also made several performances with Mick Taylor, a member of the “Rolling Stones” group and Peter Doherty.

He is the author of an aphorisms collection A short (published by “The Booksellers Between Lines”), of a poems collection A step towards the soul (published by “The Harmattan”), of a booklet Short Tears (published by “the editions behind the bathroom”) and regularly writes in various magazines.

Revelation of the 2014 “International Poetry Festival” he has also been nominated at the 2015 Gonzague Saint Bris’ festival “The Forest of Books”, in the young poet selection.

Thomas has graduated in literature and arts at the Paris Diderot 7 University; his master ‘essay was about links between poetry and music. He likes to mix these two in live sessions.

Thomas has also translated Peter Doherty’s book: “From Albion to Shangri-La” (published by Thin Man Press). The french version is called “Journal D’arcadie” (published by “The Astral Beaver”).