Tieri Trademark


1965 Paris
Tieri Trademark has been venturing into the art of "incompressions" since 2004. This approach, totally contemporary in spirit and appearance, where the tool becomes a work of art, taking up a very old tradition in art, giving the artist control of the gesture and form. Tieri Trademark's art is both light and nostalgic, colourful, lively and timeless, as if frozen in time. It evokes urban culture as a whole, and magnifies the reality of an art form; graffiti. The play with materials and supports, the three-dimensional nature of its "Incompressions" anchors in reality a tool that is normally destined to disappear. An interesting, modern reflection that is worth a visit because we can feel that the artist's universe will never cease to amaze us.
Catherine Martin-Fauconnier Doctor of Art History
Those are spray cans in case your eyes are failling you. This dude is nuts!
The Overspray magazine Fishbowl
Graffiti tools use to create graffiti inspired sculpturs. This has to be the most creative and relevant uses for empty spray paint cans ever. Animal New York Magazine


December/february 2019 « Allezgo store »

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May.2017 « Inside #2 » Galerie L’Appartement & Art’HomeDec/Jan.2017 « Inside » Galerie L’Appartement

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Oct.2015 « Road To Mukono » May.Jun.2015 « Tieri Trademark & Co » Galerie Runthings

Jun.2015 Maison de vente « Leclere »Feb.2015 « Vision altérée » Galerie 36éme ArtFeb.2015 Maison de vente « Art Curial »

Sept/Nov.2014 Galerie « L’Appartement »Jun.2014 Galerie « 42b »

May/Jun 2014 « Retro Actif » Galerie Art & LibertéFeb/March 2014 « Conjonction » Galerie Deux

April.2013 « Zarcer-tieRi »April.2013 « 3 Dimensions » Galerie Aristoï

March.2013 « Regard Éclectique »Feb.2013 « Scratch Da Surface »

Feb/March.2012 In My BrainJuly/Aout.2011 StranosJun.2011 Maison de vente « Leclere »


Sept.2010 Strictly GrassrootsJun.2010 Chassaing-MarambatMay.2010 Maison de vente « Leclere »

May.2010 Street Art « Croix baragnon »

Nov.2009 Maison de vente « Leclere »Oct.2009 Green GalerieMay.2009 Maison de vente « Leclere »

Nov.2008 400 ml ProjectMay.2008 Galerie « Bailly »Feb.2008 Maison de vente « Art Curial »



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