Statuesque horses appear half hidden in thick swathes of colourful fabric while canvases of painted hands reach through backgrounds of vibrant flora. Bringing together the sculptural work of London-based artist Richard Stone and Spanish artist Lorena García Mateu’s paintings, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery presents A Splendour Among Shadows, a timely exploration of sensuality and artistic representation.


The exhibition’s title, borrowed from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s sonnet Lift not the painted veil…, makes reference to the romanticism of both artists’ work and their intertextual inspirations as well as the more abstract concept of life emerging from darkness. For both artists here, splendour is tied up with materiality and perspective. ‘I really think there is a sensuality to the world that we live in, but that we have moved incredibly far from it,’ comments Stone. ‘Materiality through sculpture has become a medium for me to reconnect with that sensuality. There is a conscious countering with my approach to fluidity and movement that resists what we often create for ourselves through the flatness of our phone screens. As much as these screens open space out and connect us, they also simultaneously close it and isolate us.’