On December 7th, Hayatu Mohammed Nigerian businessman also Lagos-Paris-Art Board Chairman and Pablo César a film producer and professor of cinema in Argentine university, signed an agreement of co-production of ‘Homeland’s mother’ at the Embassy of Argentina in Abuja. This came as a result of a prior visit to Argentina by the Nigerian delegation led by Mr Hayatu Mohammed and on the initiative of Mrs Elena Leticia Mikusinski, former Head of Mission of Argentine Embassy in Nigeria

Now the dream is true, as on August 15th and in the presence of the country’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs Maria Del Carmen Squeff.

a Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the Embassy of Argentina in Abuja , by Dr Chidia Maduekwe, MD of the Nigerian Film Corporation, and Mr Ayobami Akanji given the official support to this important long-feature film.

The budget of the film is 5 million dollars that will be contributed by the investor, Mr. Mohammed Hayatu. The film will be shot in 35mm and will have worldwide distribution. Filming will take place in Argentina and Nigeria. The writing of the script and the pre-production of the film has begun this week. There will be actors, technicians and artists in general from both countries participating in the film. The leader actress of the film will be a consecrated Oscar-winning Hollywood figure, as well as other Oscar winners in the roles of Art Director, Director of Photography and Musical Composer.

How it all started

In September 2018, Nigerian businessman Mohammed Ahmed Hayatu (Lagos-Paris-Art Board Chairman) led a business trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina. on the initiative of Mrs Elena Leticia Mikusinski, former Head of Mission of Argentine Embassy in Nigeria.

While the trip was intended to foster business relationship between Nigeria and Argentina, Mrs Elena Leticia Mikusinski introduced Mohammed Hayatu to Pablo César the Argentine Film maker and professor of cinema. Hence, discussions between the two men as well as both countries historic memory brought about co-production of a long-feature film titled “Homeland’s mother” also known as the “Madre de la Patria”  and de facto intended to highlight the historic bond between the two nations.

The scripted movie is inspired from the life story of María Remedios del Valle an Afro-Argentinean turned soldier who participated in the Argentine War of Independence. María Remedios del Valle, a woman who was a slave in Buenos Aires, daughter of a Yoruba woman, kidnapped from her homeland around Lagos and taken to Brazil and then to Buenos Aires for her trade.

María Remedios del Valle story

María Remedios del Valle (1767–1847) also known as the “Madre de la Patria” (Mother of the Homeland) was an Afro-Argentinean turned soldier who participated in the Argentine War of Independence. Wounded in battle, captured, imprisoned and escaped, she lost her entire family during the war. After being captured by the Spaniards and tortured for a week, María Remedios del Valle, managed to flee and get to where the army was fighting for independence, commanded by General Belgrano, who when seeing her, decorated her as “Captain Maria Remedios del Valle, Homeland’s Mother ” When the war ended, she returned to Buenos Aires and eventually turned to begging. Discovered by one of the generals under whom she had fought, she was approved for a pension which was paid over the last decade of her life. Largely forgotten until the turn of the 21st century, when Argentine historians began including the contributions of black Argentines, she is now widely recognized for her contributions to the independence of the nation. The Argentine legislature declared 8 November as the National Day of Afro- Argentines and African Culture in 2013.