Europe-West Africa Fashion Talks is intended to trigger collaborative projects between the African & European Fashion industries while exploring available business opportunities. This edition will gather Waridi Schrobsdorff Vogue Germany Contributor and African & Nigerian Fashion icons.


At a time that most economies are struggling to survive and exit the hazards of COVID-19 pandemic,

Culture has become the driver and enabler of socio-economic development. ‘IFAL’ is an itinerant event providing a unique avenue for cultural, art expertise, and technology sharing between Europe and African.


This event will, to a large extent, unite various engaging cultures, to promote the values of the French culture and lifestyles in Nigerian and across other anglophone African countries while enhancing the creative capacity of their active demography.


The International Festival of Arts and Lifestyles ‘IFAL’

is an annual workshop, training and cultural fiesta designed to become the most sought-after cross-African-European cultural event gathering a wealth of people of various backgrounds and artistic genres.


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